Liberal Democrat Lambeth Cllr Clive Bennett suspended over sheltered housing row

By Laurice Laird

ROW: Cllr Clive Bennett has left the Liberal Democrat Group in Lambeth
ROW: Cllr Clive Bennett has left the Liberal Democrat Group in Lambeth

A former Lambeth mayor has been suspended from the borough’s Liberal Democrat group.

After being suspended last night, Cllr Clive Bennett today resigned over his support for the demolition of sheltered housing in Streatham.

Clive Bennett, councillor for St. Leonard’s ward, recently expressed his support for plans to close down the Glebe sheltered housing unit. In a recent full council meeting Cllr Bennett voted against his own party by supporting the demolition.

A Liberal Democrat spokesperson said: “Following Clive Bennett’s policy differences with the local Lib Dems, he has been suspended from the group pending further discussions.  Liberal Democrats in Lambeth do not support the demolition of sheltered housing.”

The spokesperson told Brixton Blog that Cllr Bennett resigned from Lambeth Liberal Democrats this morning after hearing news of his suspension.

When contacted by the Brixton Blog, Cllr Bennett denied having been suspended.

He said: “I’ll make my views known in the fullness of time. As far as i’m concerned, I’ve been pursuing my own arrangements.”

Sheltered housing schemes aim to promote and encourage individuals to live independently within the community.


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  2. Clearly Cllr Ed Davie hasn’t ever visited the Glebe as the description of derelict certainly doesn’t apply. The Glebe’s residents are furious about losing there homes which are not old or derelict but comfortable and convenient for the services on Streatham High Road. Clearly Cllr Bennett unlike his ward colleagues hasn’t spoken to the residents of the Glebe either.

    We need a principled Lib Dem opposition that stands up for people like, the residents of the Glebe, who are being ignored by Lambeth council. Fortunately the opposition Lib Dem group in Lambeth are providing the principled opposition needed on our council even if Cllr Bennett wasn’t able to join them in doing so.

  3. To Ed Davie (comment below) what a horrible and arrogant attitude. If people have moved to these places for life then they shouldn’t have to be moved out to have developers come in. You should LISTEN to people not ignore them.

  4. Lambeth Council is replacing often derelict sheltered housing with brand new ‘extra care’ housing which enables independent, supported living for older people. The council is building more homes than it is getting rid of and I have visited a extra care scheme in Stockwell which provides great homes and community facilities. The Lib Dems are scare mongering amongst vulnerable people which is why, I imagine, Cllr Bennett voted with the Labour Group

  5. Clive Bennett was in my experience one of the better Lib Dems on Lambeth willing to take the wider view and not just push for political advantage – he will be a sad loss to the Lib Dem team. I only hope that they will readmit him before May 2014 so that he can continue to serve Lambeth people.

    We need a strong principled Lib Dem opposition after the next elections

  6. My father is in Sheltered Housing – not in Lambeth – and they are talking of closing things down there too. I hope people will save sheltered housing. So many people depend on it.

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