MISSING MOGGY: Oscar, from Sudbourne Road

Missing Moggy: Oscar
Missing Moggy: Oscar

The latest Brixton feline to go on an unexpected adventure is Oscar, a four-year-old Tabby from Sudbourne Road, Brixton Hill.

Oscar was last seen by his owners on Sunday (June 9) when he was wearing a black collar, black ID tag and a magnetic cat-flap key.

News of the moggy’s disappearance comes after Dino, belonging to the owners of Cornercopia, returned home a little dazed today.

Owner of Oscar, Hannah Summers, told Brixton Blog: “We’ve just moved to the area in April and it was only the second time he was allowed out at night.

“I think he might have been chased away by another cat and it’s quite possible he’s hurt or frightened somewhere.”

Hannah asked people who live around Sudbourne Road and Brixton Hill to check their sheds and gardens thoroughly.

Anyone who spots Oscar can contact Hannah on Twitter @Hansummers or contact Brixton Blog.



  1. I have tweeted Hannah to enquire about Oscar as I have a cat currently living on my windowsill in Lambert Road who resembles him very much.

    Can somebody please ask Hannah to contact me @BipsiGrace.


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