Residents raise concerns over rubbish on Brixton Hill

Rubbish piles up outside the Day Lewis pharmacy, Brixton Hill

Residents on Brixton Hill have raised health concerns over rubbish left to rot for days by the side of the road.

They say the detritus, which may come from a nearby church, is regularly left of up to five days, before being collected.

Eugene Grant, who lives in Courtenay House, said he and his neighbours were worried about pests and have “growing concerns as to health and safety.”

He said she took this picture on Wednesday (June 12), adding: “This has been left here since the weekend, and [it is] becoming a regular occurrence.

“During this time, I have seen at least two rubbish trucks on their rounds about the neighbourhood but the rubbish by the Day Lewis pharmacy remains.”

A spokesman for Lambeth council said yesterday: “We will inspect the site which appears to be private land. If that proves to be the case we will contact the land owner and request they take responsibility for this issue.”


  1. The litter on the hill is so depressing, most of it seems to be just by a bin, as if the extra 2cm stretch to just drop it IN the bin is too much. I make a conscious effort to pick up and dispose of at least 3 pieces of litter on my way down into town, if everyone did the same it might make a dent. Mind you – if the street cleaners actually bothered to pick up all the litter rather than every other piece (as I saw yesterday – and had to run after him with a coke can and empty bottle of water saying ‘you’ve missed some’) it might help.
    I vote for MASSIVE fines if you drop litter or community service litter picking, rather than waiting for a cleaner to pick it up.

  2. Some people are always diligent enough to avoid using the bins provided and instead generously throw their rubbush onto the pavement where it can be appreciated by the rest of us.

  3. Private land? Has Lambeth privatised the pavements?

    Must be said though, that stretch of the hill is always pretty revolting—the vile fundamentalists who protest outside the Mary Stopes are always a nice finishing touch.

  4. When Steve Reed was campaigning to become Croydon North MP he used to highlight accumulation of rubbish in Croydon, claiming the Council ‘cleans you out with Council Tax but doesn’t clean the streets’

    So how come the council he used to lead in Lambeth is so bad at cleaning the streets?

    Lib Peck really needs to get a grip as Leader: clean streets is the minimum people should expect from their Council

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