Brixton Rec Swimming Pool Closed

Brixton Rec

The pool at the Brixton Rec is currently closed because the hot water has stopped working.

The problem was first discovered last Wednesday when a routine gas test uncovered faults that meant the gas supply to the leisure centre had to be switched off. The pool was deemed too cold for both adults and children and it has been closed completely since 9am on Saturday.

Brixton Rec Users Group said: “GLL [who manage the leisure centre], having posted a notice immediately on the website, failed to update it, leaving large numbers of users phoning reception. We still do not know when it will be open again and hot water flowing in the showers.”

A statement on the Brixton Recreation Centre website which appeared today now says: “unfortunately the pool temperature has fallen below the minimum temperature to swim. This fault has also effected the shower temperatures. Every effort is being made to put the fault right and our gas supplier and our engineersĀ are working through the night to help rectify the problem”

Clapham Leisure Centre is open.



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