Distressed man involved in Lambeth town hall incident


The man was balanced on top of a sign. His face has been obscured by Brixton Blog
The man was balanced on top of a sign. His face has been obscured by Brixton Blog

A “distressed man” climbed on top of a 6ft sign outside Lambeth Town Hall on Friday, sparking a large police response which closed one lane of Brixton Road and drew a crowd of dozens of onlookers.

The man started the protest at about 3.40pm on Friday, and clambered on to the information sign before cutting his wrists and shouting at passers by and police.

After creating a stand-off with police, the man eventually came down from the sign and was taken by paramedics to to a south London hospital. He received stitches to his injuries.

Town hall incident 1
HELP: Paramedics spoke to the man, who cut his wrists and refused to come down. His face has been obscured by Brixton Blog

Balanced above the main entrance to the town hall, and with his his wrists bleeding, the man shouted: “Where’s the justice? There is no justice if you’re poor.” He also shouted obscenities at police officers and some passers by.  It is unclear why the man was in distress, or what he was protesting about.

A spokesperson for Lambeth council said the council was providing “every possible support” to the resident in question.

A police spokesperson said: “Officers attended the location were they found a distressed male who had climbed onto a lamp post outside Lambeth Town Hall and cut both wrists.

“No arrests have been made.”

town hall incident
SCENE: Police closed part of Brixton Road until the man came down and received treatment



  1. im the man who was pearched on the sign. there have been no support from council what so ever.
    i decided to take my life because for 4 years i have been harassed by 2 neighbours, abused, humiliated and discriminated by the council and police.for four years they have been making false claims to get me evicted when all the time its my neighbours making noise urinating on my door and breaking my windows and more criminal damage,the council taken no notice of my claims.

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