Myatts Fields cafe launches new take away scheme

Myatt’s Fields Park Project has announced a new project at the Little Cat Cafe in the park.

Alongside their regular cookery events and community projects, this week the Little Cat Cafe in the park is launching a new take away scheme.

For a month from November 17 until December 16, guest chef Orn James will be cooking fresh Thai food using vegetables from the Myatt’s Park greenhouse. The food will be sold hot on Friday lunchtime, and as a take away on Fridays, noon to 3pm and Saturdays 10am to 3pm.

The cafe is run as a social enterprise, with all profits going back into the running of the park.

Orn James is a gardener at the Brockwell Park community greenhouses and one of the ‘Food Heroes’ at Myatt’s, who teaches other people about their food in regular workshops. She said: “Cooking is my life – my mum taught me to cook from a very young age. Primarily I cook authentic northern Thai food which is light, healthy and uses lots of herbs and spices.”

The dishes will be priced cheaply, with meat dishes at £5.00, vegetable curry at £3.50 and rice at £1.50.

There will be a free tasting on Saturday November 17, 12-3pm.

See for more information about Orn and the food she’ll be cooking this week.   

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