GEORGE IV CAMPAIGN: How to object to new planning applications

PLANS: Tesco have submitted proposals for a new shop frontage

Lambeth council have extended the period for comments for four new planning applications by Tesco for their new Express store at the George IV Music Bar, Brixton Hill.

The proposals include work to install a new gantry and ramp, plant machinery at the back of the building and new signage and fascias.

After a delay in publishing the statutory notices, the council has put the deadline for comments from the public back until November 30.

To view the applications go to the Lambeth planning portal and enter the following codes:


All objections should be sent to quoting the relevant reference above. Each email of objection must be relevant to the application, ie not be against Tesco as a company, but against the shop frontage or signs destroying the heritage of the historic pub etc. Each email should be different as the council discounts duplicate copies.

It is understood the ground floor of the building is still being squatted by a group called Rage Against Tesco.

Read more on the Save George IV Campaign.



  1. why would you want to object to a brand shop coming to loughborough juction, hopefully Sainsbury will open at the Crown this spring and inject some sort of civilisation to this fly blown part of south london. The area cant sustain pubs anymore and you would think it was an area of outstanding natural beauty with all the whining

  2. This is not dissimilar ‘design’ to their new store on Brixton Road in Kennington. Absolutely horrible piece of ‘Tesco Value architecture’ blighting our streets. Their frontage and outside space is outstandingly stupid and ugly design. Shame.

  3. Does anyone know what the state of the interior is? They were ripping out stuff and putting it in skips weeks ago.

    I know the George IV would have won any interior wards, but I always wondered if the original fixtures and fittings were behind the plasterboard, like with The Fridge.

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