Future Brixton to be voted on by Cabinet

BRIXTON: Cabinet to decide on future of town centre
BRIXTON: Cabinet to decide on future of town centre

The future of Brixton’s town centre will be decided this Monday as a key planning document comes to vote before the council cabinet.

The Supplementary Planning Document, put to consultation in Brixton until March of this year, will be voted on by the Cabinet this Monday June 9.

The document can be found here and outlines changes which the council will put in place for Brixton town centre over the coming years. Key principles stated in the document include “protecting the street and covered markets”, improving “the environmental quality of the town centre” and “new housing, employment, retail, social, leisure and community uses”.

Key sites identified for development in the document are the ice rink on Pope’s Rd, the land between the railway viaducts east of Pope’s Rd, Somerleyton Rd, the Town Hall area and the Brixton Railway Station area.

The Somerleyton development is currently in the process of being formulated. Social Life, an organisation which ran workshops on the development earlier this year, have just released a report on the outcomes of that consultation.

The Cabinet will meet at 7pm on Monday at the Lambeth Town Hall.