Take Two: Liam Bailey @ Photofusion and Aerobiking @ Brixton Rec

Thursday October 11

Liam Bailey at Photofusion

Take One: Liam Bailey @ Photofusion

Photofusion’s new exhibition, Liam Bailey – Reasons to be Cheerful, is a selection of the London photographers works that aim quite simply to amuse and entertain rather than confound the viewer.

Liam Bailey – Reasons to be Cheerful at Photofusion, 17a Electric Lane, until Nov 8

Take Two: Aerobiking @ Brixton Rec

We love this class at the rec – with pumping music and vigorous cycling, it’s a fun way to exercise the post-work body. OK, so it’s tiring but we like to challenge you every now and then…If it’s not up your street, then have a look at the range of other classes on offer here.

Aerobiking at Brixton Recreation Centre, 6.15-7pm