Brixton Bolt: Who’s the fastest in Brixton?

Are you the fastest in Brixton?
Usain Bolt, in Brixton, it all fits.

A Brixton resident has come up with an ingenious way to keep the Olympic spirit alive in Brixton.

Ever since Usain Bolt won the 100m in just 9.6 seconds, we’ve been wondering what our own time could be and this autumn, we’ll get to find out. The fastest man, woman and child in Brixton will be crowned in the inaugural 100m race named the Brixton Bolt and supported by the Brixton Blog.

Tom Shakhli came up with the idea after the Olympics, inspired by the adulation Usain Bolt received in Brixton during the 100m final.
Details have now been revealed and the 100m race will take place on Pope’s Road from 11am on Saturday October 27.

Will Aspinall, one of the Brixtonites who has already signed up to compete. said: “When I heard about it I just thought it was genius, it’s a great idea. For lovers of Brixton this is yet another reason to think his is an exceptional place to live in London. Hopefully all stripes, all nations will turn out.”
Proceeds from the event will go to Brixton charities, including the St Matthews Estate Project and the Youth Caterpillar Project which provides counseling and mentoring to 11-24 year-olds. Novena-Chanel Davies, managing director of the Youth Caterpillar Project, is in training for the race already. “We’re really grateful. We didn’t know we were that well known so we were humbled to be chosen.”

Lambeth Council is supporting the event by allowing it to take place on Pope’s Rd. Cllr Pete Robbins explained why: “it’s a bit of fun, but also a good way to bring Brixton people together, celebrate our unrecognised sporting greats, and reclaim a bit of road for a day. Tom deserves lots of credit for following through on it – as soon as I heard about it we were happy to lend Lambeth’s full support.

“If it’s a success – and I am sure it will be – I really hope it can become an annual event.”

You need to live in Brixton to be able to participate and should email if you’d like to enter (though participants can turn up on the day too). Entry costs £1.


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