Confusion after roof collapse and leak at Brixton Rec

The collapsed ceiling at Brixton Rec – pic by Simon Nebesnuick

There was confusion at Brixton Recreation Centre on Saturday after part of the ceiling collapsed into the cafe.
The Rec, in Station Road, will remain closed until Sunday at the earliest following a “major leak” which began on the fourth floor.
A member of staff said that water is still pouring into the reception this afternoon.
Blog reader Simon Nebesnuick arrived to play Badminton to be told the centre was closed “indefinitely”. Staff later allowed him in for his game, on condition that he didn’t use the lifts.
He said: “Others had arrived for lessons and swimming and were getting very confused. Some people seemed to be turned away while others were allowed in. All very confusing.”
He added: “There was water everywhere outside the cafe. Staff didnt seem to have a clue what was going on!
A member of staff who answered the phone this afternoon said: “We’re now closed. There is water coming down through the building from the fourth floor. It’s a big leak.
“I don’t know when we will open again, maybe tomorrow.”