Take Two: The Rosie Taylor Project/Orca Team @ Windmill Brixton and fried okra @ home

Wednesday 4 July

Take One: The Rosie Taylor Project plus Orca Team @ Windmill Brixton

A special night for 4th July at the Windmill. Tonight’s top act, the Rosie Taylor Project, are produced by Richard Formby, who has also worked with Wild Beasts and Herman Dune. Their melancholy pop will be accompanied by guest vocals from Wild Beasts singer Tom Fleming. And the band Orca Team will be on hand to provide some American lovin.

The Rosie Taylor Project plus Orca Team at Windmill Brixton, 8pm, £5 advance and £6 door.

Take Two: Fried Okra for Independence Day @ home

Celebrate independence day with Miss South’s recipe for fried okra. Buy the okra in Brixton Market, add a few beers and some fried chicken and you’ve got yourself a Yankee night in. Or if you want to eschew all things USA, then try Miss South’s rather more quaint lemon barley cooler cocktail.

Fried okra at home…