EDITORIAL: Brixton Splash strife is a real shame

Brixton Splash, the yearly street festival in central Brixton, is a day of soundsystems, dancing and jerk chicken. Even if the sun’s not shining, it’s a great event. We’ll be featuring a map and schedule of the Splash in our next issue of the Bugle. But behind the scenes, an argument has broken out about the sponsorship of the Splash by Brixton businesses, accused by Lee Jasper of not sponsoring or supporting it enough. This kind of strife is a real shame, especially when we have heard of some key Brixton businesses not having actually received sponsorship packs at all.

We’ve voiced the opinions of some in this news article today, but if you run or represent a business in Brixton and would like to write a fuller response to Lee’s post, please contact us on info@brixtonblog.com. The thread also continues over on Urban 75.


  1. Who would stab someone just because it was an argument how silly is that plus I’m a teacher and I’ve seen it all plus young kidz stay out of trouble best option

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