OLYMPICS: Brixton awaits the Olympic torch with excitement

Excitement is growing as the Olympic torch nears Brixton…

Windrush Square is absolutely jam packed:


View from the Tate Library:

Jerk chicken ahoy!


Here are Patrick Davies and Caroline (manager of William Hill) on Coldharbour Lane:


Patrick said: “of course we’re all really excited. We all love in London so we must be happy and enjoy it. You’ll only see this in your own country once in a blue moon.”

And Ramat Ajaimobi and Martina Oseni, from Moorlands Estate:

Ramat said: “this makes you really proud we’re very excited. I’m going to stay in at home for two weeks to watch everything I possibly can…”

Revellers outside the Prince:

There’s a real carnival atmosphere here:

WOW – Tee wins our prize for best dressed so far: