Take Two: ‘Brixton Village’ on ‘You and Yours’ and Open Mic Night @ Ritzy

Take One: Listen to ‘Brixton Village’ discussion on ‘You and Yours’ @ BBC iPlayer

Catch yesterday’s piece on ‘Brixton Village’ (also known as Granville Arcade) on ‘You and Yours’, BBC Radio 4. You can listen to it on BBC iPlayer here from minute 17.28. Do you agree with Spacemakers that Granville Arcade was “attracting no-goods” before Brixton Village arrived? What do you think of the criticism of the ‘Village’? Comments welcome below.

Take Two: Open Mic Night @ Ritzy

It’s our favourite Brixton open mic night, hosted by Richard Purnell. Poets, musicians, spoken word maestros, comedians – all are welcome tonight. Sign up at 7pm, show starts at 7.30pm.

Open Mic Night @ Ritzy, free entry, sign up at 7pm and show starts at 7.30pm