Take Two: Brixton Energy shares and A Grape Night In @ Seven at Brixton

Take One: Brixton Energy shares

If you want a share in Brixton’s new solar cooperative, Brixton Energy, you’ve got just five days to buy it before the offer closes. It’s no small investment – a minimum of £250 to invest in the solar panels which will be placed on a Loughborough Estate rooftop. Tonight Brixton Energy are holding a launch party in the aptly named venue, Electric Social.

More information on Brixton Energy here 

Take Two: A Grape Night In @ Seven at Brixton

Seven at Brixton in Market Row are hosting a wine tasting tonight with the team from ‘A Grape Night In‘. The tasting is made up of six wines, each with a tapas to suit, plus a glass of cava on the way in and a cocktail to finish up. All for £35. Make sure you line the stomach a bit before hand…

A Grape Night In at Seven at Brixton, 6.30pm, £35