Brixton Windmill – May Reopening

There’s going to be a much more exciting event than the royal wedding happening in Brixton on the bank holiday weekend at the end of April…The Windmill is reopening. And in grand fashion too.

A grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund last year – long fought for by the Friends of Brixton Windmill – has made possible the restoration of the interior of the Windmill so that it will be accessible to the public again. The Windmill was built in 1816 and leased by the Ashby family, millers producing stoneground wholemeal flour. It fell into disuse in 1935, but from May 2 we’ll be able to have a peek inside again. The Friends of Brixton Windmill will be celebrating with a procession up Brixton Hill and a big party in the Windmill park.


  1. Sorry Roberta – just saw this! It’s today!

    Meet at 2pm on Windrush Square (outside Brixton Library) for the procession up Brixton Hill to the windmill.

  2. Thanks for the plug! We’ll be announcing more details of Brixton Windmill opening and other activities on our blog. Hope to see lots of people celebrating the restoration of inner London’s only surviving windmill.

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