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Google honours Brixton activist Olive Morris

Brixton activist Olive Morris – a member of the Windrush Generation – is the subject of today’s...

Olive Morris collective says memorial must not be lost

Olive Morris was a community activist in South London who died aged 27 in 1979. In 1986 the Brixton Black Women’s group, of which...

Expectations: The untold story of Black community leaders

Expectations: The Untold Story of Black British Community Leaders in the 1960s and 1970s will be centre stage at Brixton's Black Cultural Archives from Tuesday...

Brixton: Meet Boniswa

South African artist Breeze Yoko from Cape Town is painting a series of murals in Brixton with the Watch This Space project. In Blenheim Gardens...

Squatters back in Brixton

A banner saying that the former Euro car parts depot at 34 Acre Lane has been squatted has appeared outside the building. It lists some of the grievances many...

Railton Road honours local heroes

A visual tribute to Railton Road and inspirational figures, like Darcus Howe and Linton Kwesi Johnson, was launched at the Brixton Advice Centre last...

Town hall plans get £50 million go-ahead

Lambeth councillors have given unanimous approval to their £50m ‘Your New Town Hall’ project. The move will reduce the council’s main office buildings from...

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