Fine vegan dining in Brixton to save world’s wildlife

Vegan charity Viva! will this month host a campaign event in Brixton based on a fine dining experience to celebrate the launch of its new wildlife campaign: Eating the Earth.

It said the launch would allow people to experience a meal that does not cost the earth. 

Open for three nights only, guests will be immersed in a jungle environment and enjoy a three-course plant-based dinner from chef Antov Petrov, featuring local and foraged ingredients.

While eating, they will learn how eating meat, dairy, fish and eggs is the number one driver for wildlife loss – and what this means for humanity’s survival. 

This event will run on Saturday 30, and Sunday 31 July only, at Studio Z on Brixton Station Road.

Spaces are limited so booking is essential. 

The Eating the Earth campaign will raise awareness of the importance of wildlife to our planet. Currently, 1m species are threatened with extinction worldwide.

Viva! said the world’s wildlife is running out of space to live. “With vast expanses of wild areas being rapidly converted into grazing land for livestock alongside huge swathes of crops grown to feed to farmed animals – it’s clear that meat and dairy demand is at fault.” It said.

“In the UK alone if everyone was to switch to a vegan diet, this land demand could be reduced by up to 74 per cent – freeing up land for forests to regrow and wildlife to flourish once more.”   

The weekend celebration will showcase how going vegan is the solution to the wildlife crisis we are currently facing.

Attendees will be the first to see Viva!’s hard-hitting campaign video and its brand new Nature in Danger report – a comprehensive run-down on the threat to world wildlife. 

Viva!’s environmental campaigner Jasmine Clark sad: “It’s so exciting to launch Eating the Earth, a campaign that will help people make the connection between what’s on their plates and how this impacts wildlife.

“The timing is right: we are experiencing the sixth mass extinction; our planet’s wildlife is declining at a rapid rate.

“Humanity is dependent on biodiversity and wildlife for our survival, it underpins all our livelihoods – from food systems to carbon storage.

“This fine-dining experience is the ideal way to launch the campaign, making clear that what we eat has far reaching consequences, while celebrating the difference adopting a vegan diet can make.” 

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