Brixton event aims to keep people out of prison

prison exterior

How to stop offending and re-offending will be tackled at a Brixton event by people who have personal experience of the criminal justice system.

A Seat At The Table is designed to “inspire, motivate and enable” people in or at risk of entering the criminal justice system.

People taking part on Saturday 26 March at International House will hear from experts have turned their lives around after being in the system

They have, for instance, undertaken training, set up their own businesses, or are in successful employment, and so have “A Seat At The Table”.

Aiming to inspire others not to offend or re-offend, they will talk about their experiences and how they managed to change their lives.

A panel will discuss issues including how supportive services are upon release, and what things would make an actual difference to help stop offending or reoffending.

Mentors are offering up to 10 hours of their time to support change and develop people after the event.

“The purpose of the event is to deter, refocus, motivate and encourage, ex-offenders and people at risk of entering prison, or those having been expelled from school, to stop them going down the pipeline of offending,” say, I Am Inspired, the organisers.

“We know it can be difficult to obtain employment with a criminal record.

“Research shows that only 25% of men and 20% of women leave prison and go into some type of employment.

“More than 70% of the prison population live with a mental health problem.”

The event is aimed at ex-offenders, those at risk of offending, and young people from the age of 14 upwards (who can attend with parents) – whether their criminal records include convictions, they are out on remand, wearing a tag, have a current or historic caution.

One former offender said: “I spent up to 16 years of my life in and out of prison

“I have now been out for three years and in employment for two years.

“The difference in my mindset is immense. I want to set up my own business!

“I came to the realisation that crime didn’t work for me and ‘working does work’.

“Having some sort of structure helps me to build myself up and enables me to ‘do’ for myself in the right way. Life is different.”

I Am Inspired say A Seat at The Table will work on changing the narrative and cycle of events for this group by helping those affected to tell their story, and so help others from going down that pathway. 

I Am Inspired Ltd was established in February 2017 to inspire the community to develop and motivate individuals towards change and success.

Sponsors of the event include Code 7, the charity behind the Lambeth Schools Patrol.

Tickets for A Seat At The Table from Eventbrite.

International House
Canterbury Crescent

1 to 6pm, 26 March

Tickets free for people in the criminal justice system and also for general admission.

For more information contact leticia simpson at or 07931 973235