Wilhelmina, the Brixton buzzard


Virgin Radio’s Eddy’s Good News, hosted by Herne Hill resident Eddy Temple-Morris, reports that eagle-eyed residents of Poets Corner spotted a juvenile buzzard that was being attacked by crows and had found refuge in Shakespeare Road.

She was first seen by some amazed young children.

Local resident Paul Marr said: “She flew past me after them and landed in a front garden trying to hide. Most likely from crows.”

She is about a year old and would have just begun surviving on her own.

“She disappeared and was later seen by a teacher being attacked by crows further along the road where it seems she suffered a neck injury,” said Paul.

“Later she was rescued in a resident’s garden.”

Wilhelmina enjoys a steak dinner

The young bird of prey was initially cared for by London Wildlife Protection – with two days of liquid foods and then steak – before professional rescuer Tracey Parsons from Greenwich Wildlife Network arrived. She named the buzzard Wilhelmina, because she was rescued in [William] Shakespeare Road.

Wilhelmina has now been transferred to Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary in Yorkshire – the only place with space available – where staff are monitoring a neck injury she received from the crows.

They hope she recovers fully and can be released into the wild.

Paul said these rescue organisations, along with others, are struggling with demand due to coronavirus and the time of year and that “any help or donations would be greatly appreciated.”