Help Jason to make a change for a fairer future


Ten-year-old Jason, whose mother Katerina works at Brixton’s Mosaic Clubhouse, needs your help.

He has started a petition to allow all young people the opportunity to have a university education by making it free for future generations.

He got the idea for the petition – which he researched and wrote himself – when he heard Katerina and his father Tommy discussing how they could start saving for him to be able to go to university.

This is what Jason told the Blog about his petition on

I am Jason, a 10-year-old boy who wants to make a change.

I have started a petition towards the education secretary, the prime minister and the UK government. 

My goal is to collect enough supporters and signatures to abolish university fees.

I have started thinking about my future and realised that it all balances on your family’s finances.

Ideally, it should be shaped by your abilities and effort. But the truth is that in most cases, it is determined by wealth.

I believe that this is totally unfair and should be changed.

Imagine the thousands, dare I say millions, of young able people, who will never fulfil their potential because they can’t afford the cost of university education.

I am talking about scientists who could find the cure for epidemics and diseases, climatologists who will solve the climate problem, doctors who will care for us and educators who will teach our future generations.

It is a basic human right that education is free and no one should be denied to the right of education. This is stated in the Human Rights Act, Protocol 1, Article 2 by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

I hope you find my point valid and I would like to ask for your help to reach a wider audience to increase the number of petition signatures,” he told the Blog.

Together we can change this unjustness and our universities will become equal places, full of culture, different people and youths ready to take on the world.

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