Dig deep for Brixton’s record stores

Saturday is Record Store Mail Order Day 2020 – Medya Gungor celebrates Brixton’s stores and encourages everyone to support them through the pandemic

Markie Lyrics of Universal Roots Records with a rare copy of Joe Mansano’s Brixton Cat
Markie Lyrics of Universal Roots Records with a rare copy of Joe Mansano’s Brixton Cat

Saturday 18 April marks something special that you may or may not have heard of – Record Store Mail Order Day – a wicked excuse for us to celebrate the most loved local, independent music retailers in our beloved Brixton.

As in previous years, 18 April was due to be simply Record Store Day, but in light of the current climate, this has now been postponed until 20 June.

Throughout history, record stores have provided us with so much more than simply an end product for the consumer. In fact, I cannot recall an occasion when I have entered one and not struck up conversation with the person behind the counter.

These quirky, rustic caves usually camouflaging themselves among restaurants, barbers and retailers are a hidden gem; a visceral experience on entry as you find yourself immediately soaking up their memories and atmosphere, flipping your way through genres and artists, whether you own a record player or not.

Brixton’s Record Stores boast a history without comparison, with the likes of Bob Marley casually appearing as a regular at Joe’s Record Centre way back in the 1960s.

Container Records
Container Records

Today, we are proud supporters of Container Records who provide for our electronic, indie and hip-hop needs at Pop Brixton.

Supertone Records of Acre Lane are the endless suppliers of old school reggae that epitomise our love for the Caribbean community’s never ending vibrancy.

Meeting our rare collector’s needs, Lion Records unleash the reggae, ska and dub records straight into our hands whilst always stocking up on the freshest new records.

The much loved Universal Roots Records are always the answer to anything that requires roots reggae, books and authentic conversation.

Claudia Wilson of Pure Vinyl Reocrds
Claudia Wilson of Pure Vinyl

Lastly, Pure Vinyl is our excellent vinyl provider specialising in soul and reggae with further sections for jazz, rock’n’roll and hip-hop.

While this year we may be unable to physically visit these respected establishments, there is no reason why we cannot express our love through virtual means.

During this unsolicited pandemic, technology is playing a vital role in the way we communicate and interact with businesses and anyone can play a part in supporting our community.

More than you need to proceed to checkout for your next online clothes shop or order in your jerk chicken from Deliveroo, our independent record stores truly need us to keep purchasing records during this time.

It’s easy when something is out of sight to forget that it exists, but hopefully today will act as a reminder that in order for our record stores to keep thriving and surviving through this madness, we need to be there with them every step of the way.

Here are links to local record stores’ websites/purchasing platforms:

Container Records

Supertone Records

Lion Records

Universal Roots Records

Pure Vinyl