New Brixton martial arts school

Chinese kick boxer Joshua Villar (left) in action
Joshua Villar (left) in action

Joshua Villar, the 85kg Sanda (Chinese kickboxing) national champion (and a ballet dancer in his youth) has opened a new martial arts school at Effraspace in Brixton along with business partner and fellow teacher Kitty Erickson. The school teaches Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Chinese Kickboxing to adults and children. Classes take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Classes are available for all levels, but no prior martial arts knowledge is required to attend class.

Children learn the basic movements of Kung Fu through games and traditional drills and then take these movements and learn how to use them with partners or through pad drills.

Children learning martial arts
Kitty Erickson with young pupils

Classes are at   Effraspace, 21 Effra Parade, Brixton SW2 1PX Tuesdays and Thursdays. The first trial class is free.

There is a range of monthly packages for students and adults, as well as pay as you go.  Prices and class information can be found at