New Brixton choir Real Voices at the Hootannany

Brixton Real Voices choir
Brixton Real Voices choir

If you missed the new Brixton-based choir Real Voices at the country show, where they sang with their sister Vauxhall choir, you have another chance on Sunday (23 July).

They will be performing at the Hootananny  at 2.30pm.

Their story began nearly six months ago when 40 like-minded strangers answered an advert on social media and found themselves gathering together in a local church hall.

Their only reason for being there, says member Claire Frankling, is “pure love of singing”.

They sing a mixture of classic pop/rock favourites, modern alt-folk and recent chart hits.

The singers will be joined on Sunday by a six-piece band who will provide the backing and the beat to drive their “engaging, harmonious sound”.

Claire says: “It’s going to be a great afternoon, and we’d love to have support from local people as we announce our presence in style.”

Tickets are £10/8 and can be bought online.

Anyone interested in joining Real Voices for their autumn term should contact or visit

The choir rehearses in Brixton most Monday nights and many members visit the Crown & Anchor afterwards to soothe their vocal chords.

If you are interested in joining, the is no audition required and all are welcome, whether you have sung in a choir before or not. It’s a great opportunity to indulge in a common passion for singing and to meet fellow Brixtonites.

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