Brixton FrockSwap! One woman’s trash, another woman’s treasure

frockswappers_poster_a4_2016_v2Give your ‘pre-loved’ clothes a new home and a new owner, while replacing them with something fabulous and different from somebody else’s collection! And EAT CAKE, guilt-free, because you will be helping the women and girls of Brixton find the path to their hopes and dreams. What’s not to like?

Go to POP Brixton on Saturday 8 October where Brixton’s Baytree Centre is holding a frock swap with cake stall from 12 to 5pm.

All clean second hand clothes in good condition are welcome – along with your stylish accessories. But pants and socks will have to stay in the rag bag at home. Admission is £3 and the proceeds go to supporting Baytree’s excellent work in Brixton. Their mission is to build supportive pathways towards social inclusion for inner city families through education and training programmes for women and girls.

So get into the closet and off to the laundry. Download the flyer here. And if you have clothes you would like to donate in advance, please call 07939 059 087.