Police seek help over missing Brixton woman

Louisa Malonga
Louisa Malonga

Lambeth police are appealing for the public’s help to find a missing vulnerable woman.

Louisa Malonga, 70, was reported missing today (29 August) when her carers visited her home in Evesham Walk, SW9, and found her gone. Mrs Malonga had last been seen at home by them at about 4pm on Saturday,

There are concerns for Mrs Malonga’s safety and wellbeing. She suffers from dementia, is partially sighted and is unable walk without the aid of a stick.

Mrs Malonga is described as black; around 5 foot 7 inches tall with a medium build and has white hair with some grey in it. It is not known what Mrs Malonga is wearing.

While partially sighted, Mrs Malonga is known to walk frequently to and from her home to central Brixton. But she is likely to easily become lost if she has deviated from her normal route.

Anyone who has seen Mrs Malonga or who who knows of her whereabouts is asked to call police in Lambeth via 101.