PAPA’s Park needs your help

Papa's Park
Papa’s Park

PAPA’s Park, a small Brixton community playground run by a team of volunteers, is seeking support as its funding from Lambeth council will not be renewed next year and its play equipment and surfaces are reaching the end of their useful life.

The playground in Pulross Road offers play equipment for all ages and its floodlit basketball court is the only full-sized outdoor court in Lambeth.

PAPA’s Park, a registered charity which also has a hall that local people can rent, has been open for 20 years and provides a place for the whole community to play, meet and relax.

The playground committee wants to seek support from the National Lottery and other funding bodies for grants to replace the equipment and surfaces and also to rebuild the hall to put the park on a solid financial footing.

One way supporters can help PAPA’s Park is by filling in an online questionnaire. Its website also lists other ways.

The hall is available for hire for anything from children’s parties to club meetings.