Free climbing lessons in Loughborough

Pedro the pony and the climbing wallFrom Monday 8 August, Ebony Horse Club are hosting free climbing wall sessions for one week. The wall is at Wyck Gardens just by Loughborough Junction where fully qualified trainers will help young people pluck up their courage to have a go. It is wise to book at their office on 0207 738 3478 in case it gets very busy on the day.

The aim of Ebony Horse Club is to help kids and young adults with challenging lives find out just how much they can achieve with a little encouragement. With the horse club fully subscribed to the end of the year, Operations Manager Linda Hinds wanted the club to provide other challenges.

‘We felt that the climbing wall was something different from the usual local sports’. With money from Sport England, Ebony Horse Club teamed up with a professional climbing wall company to benefit from their expertise. They are also rolling out a programme of similarly confidence boosting activities with Sports Active Coaching where young people can sample a sport they have never tried before.

ebony wall 4But if horses are still your thing, hopeful equestrians and stable hands can re-apply in January 2017

And you can still get involved. ‘We are looking for volunteers from Sept ideally with experience of working with horses or young people, both daytime and evenings. We also need an office volunteer or volunteers on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2pm – 6.30pm and on Saturday from 9am -1pm’.

Ebony Horse Club is at 51 Millbrook Road, London SW9 7JD, telephone 0207 738 3478. Find out more about their work at