St Jude’s primary sizzles sausages for Farm Africa

Children in Nairobi school paired with St JudesLocal primary school St. Jude’s are holding a fundraising BBQ for international development charity Farm Africa this Thursday, 26 May 15.30.

The Year 3 students and their teacher Miss Ross decided they wanted to help after a letter exchange with children at a school in Nairobi being supported by Farm Africa.Letter-from-Mary

Farm Africa say for many primary school children in Nairobi, Kenya, the main daily meal they get is at school but it often lacks nutrional balance. Poor diet leaves children vulnerable to malnourishment, which can cause serious, irreversible health problems like stunted growth and impaired cognitive development.

Farm Africa are helping primary schools in Nairobi grow urban vegetable gardens so that students, teachers and parents can come together to grow fresh vegetables that children can eat for lunch, improving their diet and enabling them to learn and grow better.

The letters swapped between St.Jude’s and students at Mutuini Primary School shared some lovely details about their lives.

The sausages for the BBQ have been donated by Jones the Butcher on Dulwich Road, and on the day there will be prizes available to win and a Farm Africa information

St Jude’s C of E Primary School is a small and friendly one-form entry school with around 210 pupils, the majority of whom come from Brixton and Herne Hill in South London.

Here’s what St Jude’s has to say:

Django, 7yrs: “I’m looking forward to our Sausage Sizzle because it is going to be fun and help people around the world. I think it’s sad that some children don’t get enough to eat and it makes me feel angry because they should have the same rights as we do. If I was hungry I would be happy if I knew that children in another country were doing things to help me.”

“It would be fascinating to visit a school in Kenya. I would like to know what their school dinners are like and we could play games like ‘Stuck in the Mud’ and ‘It’.”

Mack, 8yrs: 
“I would like to go to Kenya to meet children because I like exploring new places and it would be fun to play football with them because they like some of the same teams as us.”

“I’m very excited about the Sausage Sizzle and a little bit worried because some people bring snacks after school and they don’t need to buy anything so we won’t raise as much money.”

Yr 3 Teacher Daisy Ross: “The children decided to do Sausage Sizzle as they thought it would be an exciting way to raise money for the charity. They are excited about enabling people in less fortunate areas of the world to lead healthier lives and it’s a very empowering feeling for them to be doing something to make a difference.”

St Jude's pupils in their welliesDeputy Head Teacher David Winn: “These kinds of charity focused events are what we are all about as a school. We want to teach our pupils about doing the right thing and we think it’s important that global issues are brought to their attention so they can develop an understanding of what life is like for children in other countries.”
St. Jude’s, located in Poet’s Corner, has also done a fundraising welly walk on behalf of the charity. More information here