Stump up so year 5 can see Stomp!

Jubilee primary's Stomp!
Jubilee primary’s Stomp!

A Brixton primary school has launched a crowd fund campaign so that pupils can visit the West End show Stomp!

Year 5 teaching assistant Sarah Wilson from Jubilee primary on Tulse Hill said: “As part of our ‘Look, Hear’ topic, we showed our children some clips from Stomp! And they loved it!

We decided that we wanted to take our children to see Stomp! as very few of them have experienced the magic and the joy of West End theatre.

“But having looked into it, we realised it would be a lot of money to ask from our parents.

“So we decided to create our own Stomp! video and put it on in the hope that we could raise the money to take our year 5s.”

Year 5 pupils have already raised £245 of their £800 and are appealing for help from blog readers …