Police appeal for help after child injured in hit and run

Sustrans organised a trial of traffic calming measures in New Park Road last month
Sustrans organised a trial of traffic calming measures in New Park Road last month

Detectives are appealing for information after a driver failed to stop following a collision with a child in the Brixton Hill area. They are also urging the driver to contact police.

Police were called to the scene of the collision at Kingswood Road this afternoon.

The child, a 10-year-old boy, was taken by ambulance to a London hospital where his condition is critical.

The driver failed to stop at the scene. The vehicle is a light-coloured Audi hatchback, believed to be an Audi A3. It is likely to have sustained damage to the headlights.

DS Steve Pidegon of the Met’s roads and transport policing command said: “It is impossible to believe that the driver did not know they had been involved in a very serious collision. I am urging this driver to come forward and speak with us immediately.”

Local children helped Sustrans staff and volunteers to monitor traffic during the trial
Local children helped Sustrans staff and volunteers to monitor traffic during the trial

Richard Atkins primary school is at the junction of Kingswood Road and New Park Road and Lambeth council and the transport charity Sustrans have been working on reducing the number of accidents involving children in the area.

Anyone who witnessed the collision or has information that may assist police should call the Collision Investigation Unit at Merton on 020 8543 5157.

To remain anonymous call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


  1. I hope the boy involved makes a full recovery and the driver is caught and rots. Terrible thing to happen, as far as I can see, there have been no updates on his condition.

    As a resident of Dumbarton Road, the frequency and speed at which traffic flows up and down the road is ridiculous. My girlfriend cycles down these roads to work and I fear for her safety.
    I have written to the council asking what they plan to do about it, awaiting a response, but I would hope other local residents would also petition the council RE additional traffic calming, or even better, total closure of the route through from Brixton Hill to Kings Avenue.

  2. It wasn’t democracy, the council and Sustrans backed down because of a campaign organised by a serial “defender of motorists rights” based in Croydon with no connection to the area and in the aftermath of the mess they made of the Loughborough Junction road closures.

  3. For years this area has been subject to dangerous rat run traffic and in spite of all other through routes on Brixton Hill having had road closures nothing has been done. This is in spite of all the trusts and vans which wil now flow through Dumbarton and Kibgswood Roads.

    Sustran’s posted all over the area saying that the proposed scheme would now mean no road closures and only a restriction on New Park Road. Last month a truck ploughed into three cars on Dumbarton Road.

    I wrote to Sustrabs and a Labour Councillor saying that the scheme will in fact lead to more accidents in the area and did they have to wait until someone dies to do anything about it. And what was Sustran’s and Lambth councillors response? Phillipa Bannister from Sustran’s said ” that this is democracy”. Lambeth Councillors said they can’t see why the scheme would make things worse in neighbouring roads. Are they idiots?

    The blood is on their hands now and will continue to be so in the future. So much for democracy that allows vehicle drivers to maim and kill local residents.

    • We have exactly the same in Tulse Hill with ‘rat runs’ through residential streets between Tulse Hill and Brixton Hill. Tulse Hill itself has vehicles speed down well in excess of the speed limit. During the night these speeds are sometimes in excess of 60/70 mph. The council has now painted big white figures stating “20” on the road. Unsurprisingly it has not made one jot of a difference. Until Lambeth actually put in place traffic calming measures no amount of painted numbers on the road will change anything. There really is no point in doing one without the other.

  4. I live on the road- I did not witness the incident but this happened today 25th, not yesterday.

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