Lambeth women’s charity Skills Network create their own learning games for children

Skills Network
Skills Network

A group of women from South London are setting their sights on becoming entrepreneurs: designing, making and selling innovative learning tools and games for children.

Frustrated that it is hard to find high street toys and games which simultaneously support learning and hold children’s attention, local women from Skills Network, a female cooperative and charity, have taken matters into their own hands. They have created their own games which help children grasp foundational numerical concepts from addition to algebra. These games enable parents and children to practice communication and cooperation skills, improve fine motor skills, work the imagination and develop speech and language skills.

“I am always looking for ways to help my children learn at home, especially my autistic son, but I find that most of the things out there don’t really interest him, ” says Hannah, a mother from the cooperative who is leading the project. She adds; ” There are lots of games on the internet but I prefer to engage with him directly. We’ve decided to tackle the problem directly and design our own games.”

The women are raising money for the project, called LearnShare through a crowdfunding website and they are hoping that local people will consider some of the games for Christmas presents. The LearnShare tools and games will be made by women who are members of Skills Network, many of whom are looking to gain work experience and meet other mothers. Profits from the enterprise will support Skills Network’s other charitable activities, which include free training for parents about ways to support their children’s learning and participatory research about issues affecting families in South London.

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About Skills Network: Skills Network brings together women facing a range of challenging circumstances – unemployment, in-work poverty, single motherhood, domestic violence – to share ideas and concerns, learn together and work towards social change. Uniquely, Skills Network works cooperatively: everyone involved contributes to making decisions, and make projects happen. All knowledge and input is equally valued.