Your Brixton running routes

Today we asked our followers on Twitter for their favourite running routes starting in Brixton. We’ve published them below. Happy running!

DECISIONS, DECISIONS: Two laps of Brockwell Park or a Clapham Common-Brockwell combo?

“Lap of Ruskin Park, down to Brockwell Park, lap of, back up for another lap of Ruskin Park. Home!”


“My usual/fav is Water Lane-Herne Hill-West Dulwich-Gypsy Hill & back via Dulwich Village”


“run to London bridge and back”


“In a loop! Clapham Common-Wandsworth Common-Tooting Bec Common = 10km”


“Stockwell Pk rd, Landsdowne Wy, Wandsworth Rd, Vauxhall Br, Parl Sq, Westminster Br, Sth Lamb rd, Stockwell = 10k”


“a great 10k is Windrush Sq, up Brixton Rd, round the Oval, through Vaux, along River to boat bar, then bk”


“hmm DRIVE to Crystal Palace, have nice run around up there.. (cheating?!)”


“Through Clapham Comm-Battersea rise-Wandsworth comm-Nightingale ln-one lap of Brockwell Pk and home for some toast”


“up Brixton road, back down to kennington/ele&castle, few laps of ken park, home”


“Brixton to Big Ben > river to Waterloo via Kennington. Really good to get back to brixton after all that tourist madness.”


“Brockwell Parl > Dulwich Park > back.”


“couple of laps of Brockwell park”



  1. If you’re looking for a long run, head down Acre Lane, along the top of Clapham Common, then take a right up through Battersea to the Albert Bridge Road. Cut across Battersea Park, over Chelsea Bridge, then take an immediate right and follow the embankment all the way to Blackfriars Bridge, where you should head north slightly so you can turn right and follow Queen Victoria Street, Cannon Street and Eastcheap to the Tower. Over Tower Bridge, along the south bank to Vauxhall, and then whatever route suits you back to wherever you live.

    It’s a good 25 k so not to be taken lightly, and works very well extremely early in the morning (I leave at around 5.30 am). Running along the Thames as the sun is coming up is superb, but you’ll need sunnies as you’re heading due east 🙂

  2. Loughborough Junnction to 1 lap Brockwell to 1 lap Dulwich Park and back = ~7mi
    Loughborough Junction through Dulwich for a loop of Sydenham Woods, take in the amazing view on the allotments and head back = ~7mi
    Brixton to Herne Hill Hill Velodrome have a breather and enjoy the cycling then head back =~3mi.
    Brixton via quiet roads of Union Rd and Stewarts Rd to Battersea Park, 1 loop and back = ~6mi.

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