Neighbours set up ‘community centre’ in memory of Steve

VIGIL: Annaliese Garrett outside the mobile community centre on Loughbrough Park Estate today

Friends and neighbours of Steve Simpson have set up a mobile community centre on the Brixton Estate where his body was discovered last week.

Annaliese Garrett and Jo Hunt enlisted the help of residents of the Loughborough Park Estate to erect the yurt-style tent earlier this week, and say they plan to stay there until Monday.

They have also set up a website where residents can go to air any concerns they may have while landlords Guinness South systematically demolish all of the blocks on the estate to rebuild them at a higher density.

TRAGIC: Steve Simpson’s body was found in his flat last Wednesday

Ms Garrett told the Brixton Blog today: “They [Guinness South] called the police when we put the tent up but the officers who came told me we weren’t doing anything wrong. We are not here to protest but to give out information to people who are passing, and give them a place to come and sit and talk.”

Residents, including Mr Simpson, who had previously formed a residents’ group say they have been banned from using the community centre on the estate.

Since Mr Simpson’s death they have been calling for a public meeting with Guinness South to address a long list of concerns.

Ms Garrett said it was a friendly atmosphere around the yurt, and said there would be workshops and music sessions around the area over the weekend. “I hope more people will come and sit with us,” she said.



  1. Where were these people when they are now claiming to be this poor man’s best friends. He was there for 10weeks. Didn’t any of you notice he was not around, seeing as you were his “real close friends” shame on you. All of a sudden he has all of you as friends, whre were you when he was laying dead for 10 wekks or is this just a gripe against Guiness, who incidently don’t care anyway, never have, never will. Staff cuts, and an uncaring agency it is but Loughborough Park is not a supported housing association.
    This man, should have been referred to Social Services when his community who you all claim to be part of, stopped caring for/over him.

    • Shame on u Katie, once again u are blaming friends and residence when u clearly have no facts. Complaints and concerns were raised and ignored by the Guiness Trust, How would u feel if this was your family. Steves 2 best friends were away at the time,his family in Italy and Australia had been concerned and trying to make contact however Steve had no phone, no computer and contact was difficult and usually made through his absent friends. Steve was deeply loved and loving and people cared for him, the community does care, thats obvious. Hows your community spirit Katie, i have replied to 2 of your emails where you are blaming people and condemming people u dont even know.

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