We are Loughborough Junction

One of the photographs on Herne Hill Rd

The ‘We are Loughborough Junction’ photo project came to fruition this weekend with a two-day outdoor exhibition. Small crowds of south Londoners were taken on guided tours of the Coldharbour Lane area, where photographs of local residents were on show – tacked to railings, walls, windows and buildings.

What the shock of sitting in a window overlooking Coldharbour Lane does to you...

The project was started when Loughborough Junction residents Conor Masterson, Paul Adlam and Matt Matterson invited local friends and passers-by to be photographed in Masterson’s back garden. Then they organised a photo shoot in Ruskin Park and then one outside Loughborough Junction station.  The photos were all shot outdoors, in black and white with a white backdrop. “I wanted it to be completely about the people, so I didn’t want any colour or for it to be too contrived”, said photographer Masterson. Many of the participants are boxers from Miguel’s Boxing Club; others are model makers from a workshop under the arches; another woman works at a nail bar on Coldharbour Lane.

The project was co-funded by Lambeth Council (good on ’em), Loughborough Junction Action Group, and the SE5 Forum. Masterson said of the motivation behind the event, “we just wanted to bring people together so that they can talk to each other and meet one another.” It was certainly a motley crowd who braved the icy winds to see the exhibition this Sunday. Here’s hoping we see more of We Are Loughborough Junction in the future…


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