Save the Hootananny crowdfunder appeal

Exterior of the Hootananny pub in BrixtonThe much loved Hootananny is the latest local venue to launch a crowd funder appeal. We urge all those who can to dig deep…

Their social media post states:

Hootananny Brixton needs your help to save our venue and community. Hootananny’s doors are shut and we are facing the very difficult challenge of trying to survive whilst being unable to operate as a live music venue.

“We have to pay £19K a month in running costs of the venue whilst it’s shut. We have lost over £60K since the start of lockdown.

“We’re an independent family run community music venue without cash reserves and no shareholders, so for us this is a devastating blow.

“Hootananny’s ethos has always been about providing a space for music and people from different communities and cultures, and being able to offer a space to showcase music which is often underrepresented.

Before lockdown: Hootananny on Saturday for a night with spicy Latin flavour

“Hoots supports the livelihood of 120 people every week including bar staff, musicians, DJs, promoters, security, food operators, sound engineers, lighting engineers, cleaners & more.

“We will open as a vastly reduced capacity pub with social distancing, but that will not cover our costs.

“We don’t currently know when we will be able to get back to full capacity, some are expecting it could be 6 months or more.

“At this point we’re trying to get funding from every source possible, but we’re now asking for your support. If you can, please help us to save our beloved grassroots venue and community.”