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The Weekend Ahead in Brixton

Now all the fuss is over and the Sarah Burton dress has been revealed, we can get on with the rest of the weekend....

More videos from the anti cuts demo last night

One protestor's view of the public spending cuts in Lambeth Videos by Kaye Wiggins

Photos from tonight’s anti-cuts demo, Brixton Town Hall

Photos: Kaye Wiggins And a short video to give a taste of the protest (taken by Zoe Jewell):

A snapshot of Brixton’s library protest

Kaye Wiggins reports from Saturday's protest against cuts to library services Abibat Olulode, who works at Brixton library, and Anna Tomlinson, from the library in...

2010 – the year in Brixton

Kaye Wiggins reports on 2010 in Brixton - a year of elections, closed leisure centres, happy lido days, rising market rents and a jerk...

Mini Interview: Jacob Fodio Todd, OxJam

Brixton Blog interviews Jakob Fodio Todd, regional manager for Brixton OxJam, about this year's music festival on 23 October What is OxJam? OxJam is a month-long music festival across...

The Co-op Council comes to you

Lambeth Council are going on a road trip this week - staff have been out and about in Lambeth talking to residents about what...

Musical Youth in Windrush Square

Windrush Sq is being used for good things this week - it's the Lambeth School's Musitrax Festival organised by the Lambeth Music Service, our very...

…and the Windrush Square is open! (take two)

On Friday afternoon, a small group collected together in the middle of Windrush Square.  Guarded by a bevvy of policeman, it included Mayor of...

The new Windrush Square (the day before the opening ‘extravaganza’)

Finally opened up to pedestrians on the eve of the bonanza opening weekend :

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