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No 91 | FEBRUARY 2023 Published monthly in and for Brixton ISSN 2397 852X
Polygon Polygon Polygon Polygon Polygon Rectangle Polygon Some of the thousands of West Indian Immigrants disembarking from the liner Begona at Southampton shortly before the Commonwealth Immigration Act came into force. 2 July 1962
Inside your free community paper FAREWELL MICHAEL 40 years in Brixton market 16 sTATION STATUES They’re back on the... Rectangle Rectangle Rectangle Rectangle
STRENGTH OF A WOMAN Read the next instalment of our campaigning pages with more shocking testimony Page 17
HOPE FOR ANGELL TOWN Years of fighting for a community centre may finally be paying off Page 12
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Members of the Windrush Generation disembark from the liner Begona at Southampton on 2 July 1962, shortly before the ...
Brixton’s Windrush Square will be at the centre of a national celebration to mark the Diamond Jubilee – 75th annivers...
EYES oN Brixton FOR Windrush 75