Top academic role for Lambeth equality commissioner Prof Miranda Brawn

woman in front of university signage
Professor Miranda Brawn

A member of Lambeth’s Equality Commission, Professor Miranda K Brawn, has been awarded an honorary professorship in business and law by the University of Roehampton – its first such award.

She will work alongside academics while lecturing and mentoring students at the university’s business school and law school.

She will also share her experiences of being a highly successful businesswoman and senior corporate lawyer and raise the profile of her diversity, inclusion, equity and sustainability work.

The collaboration will enable Professor Brawn to complete her research report The Brawn Review: Sustainability, Inclusion and Corporate Governance. She began work on it during her tenure as a senior visiting fellow at Oxford University between 2022 and 2023.

The award was presented in recognition of Professor Brawn’s contribution to business, finance, law, education, charity, diversity, inclusion, sustainability and boardroom equity for more than three decades.

This includes the charity which she founded in 2016, The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation.

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The foundation is launching a new podcast on the day of the eighth Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Annual Lecture during UK Black History Month in October entitled D.A.R.E. in which she will interview some of the UK’s most successful and daring leaders.

Professor Brawn is a highly respected leader whose high public profile, expertise, experience and influence is expected to bring benefit and a positive impact to the university and the lives of people in the community.

Her commitment to reducing inequalities across all sectors, including healthcare, has also been recognised in another new role as a non-executive director on the board of the Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust in South London with hospitals across London in Chelsea, Westminster, London Bridge and Harefield near Uxbridge.

This year’s Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Annual Lecture, hosted by global law firm Hogan Lovells International, is Addressing ESG+H(ealth) Inequalities.

Speakers will include influential healthcare leaders and Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting MP. Professor Brawn will also share her views on how to close the health inequalities gap.

There will be music from Black Living Donor choir who help to raise awareness of the importance kidney donations among the Black community to help save lives and improve health conditions overall for people of all races and backgrounds. Professor Brawn is the choir’s first patron.

More information about Professor Miranda Brawn’s honorary professorship