Mixing music and art for Brixton

Combining creativity with community and visual art with music is the essence of what Linden Cambridge does at the Brixton Art Club. Simone Richardson talks to him about how it happened

Brixton resident Linden Cambridge has been buying records since he was 12

That led him to DJing and he has now brought other DJs to help him get people dancing in his Brixton Art Club – where they can enjoy the work of local artists at the same time.

It’s on Coldharbour Lane, in the former home of Brixton BBQ Jerk at No 397.

Starting life in East London, Linden’s DJ work took him to Ibiza and then San Francisco – where he lived for 12 years.

He explains why he stayed in San Francisco, saying: “Being around like-minded people. The pace of life. The love for one’s neighbourhood. The opportunity to create your dreams.”

Linden’s dreams also seem to be coming true in Brixton. “What attracted me to the art in Brixton were the really cool murals and graffiti and there are a lot of little Coldharbour Lane studios I enjoyed going to,” he says.

He managed to travel through lockdown with his gallery. “A typical day was catching up on the news. Checking up on the rules etc. Then trying to be as productive as possible whilst at the gallery. It has been a bit of a rough ride.”

DJ at deck

But the rough ride led him to bond visual art and music at events that can be enjoyed on Fridays at the Brixton Art Club.

Special guest DJs Who have played to date include Nancy NoiseKenny CharlesKid BatchelorChrissy T and Rob Acteson.

No special guest DJs have been scheduled for this year yet. Friday night is The Art of Vinyl – Linden C, Crispy D and guests.

Artists showing at the moment include Duncan McAfeePaul LansleyJai MoodieBen WakelingObamaskids, and Genski Art.

“I enjoy the character of Brixton,” says Linden. “I love people-watching – sometimes it gets me in trouble,” he laughs.

“Having lived in the States, I became used to that 24-hour on-the go lifestyle – eating out, bars etc. Being able to experience other cultures.

“Summertime in Brixton is a bit special. I love riding my bike around the parks and doing goofy things with my girlfriend Rachel and her kids and mine.”

Linden, who was born in Stratford, East London, grew up in Leytonstone and Wanstead, also in East London. 

“I was raised by my amazing mother Albertina with my two sisters Ena and Linda,” he says.

“I have two beautiful daughters – the oldest being Amy, then nine-year-old twins Jasmine and a cheeky little boy named Ziggy?

“I have lived in Brixton for nine years now. Although the plan is to be somewhere warmer in the coming years, it will always be home.”

At school, Linden was interested in sports and geography. “Music and art at the time did not feature,” he recalls, “although I started to collect records when I was 12 and, later on, collecting art. But it was always my goal to travel.”

“I liked art at school, but I basically liked travelling and taking pictures of things. I started studying photography, but the price of the equipment became too expensive.”

Linden’s bonding of art and music is free so will never cost too much money to enjoy on Coldharbour Lane.

Check out the art at Brixton Art Club on any day and the music on Friday nights …

Brixton Art Club, 397 Coldharbour Lane, SW9 8LG