Council announces Railton and Oval LTN consultations

bicycle with kids in low traffic neighbourhood

Lambeth council today (9 August) announced the start of its low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) consultation programme.

It said it would give residents the chance to shape the future of each of the five LTNs that now operating in the borough.

Consultation will take place in stages over the coming months, the council said.

It will begin with consultation on the Oval to Stockwell and Railton LTNs from Monday 6 September.

The council said the consultation “will seek to understand the local experiences of people living and working in and around the areas where the schemes operate, which will be a key input to the decision-making process.”

Cllr Danny Adilypour and Cllr Mahamed Hashi, joint council cabinet members for sustainable transport, environment and clean air, encouraged residents to sign-up to have their say.

Cllr Adilypour said: “We have been clear all along that the Railton and Oval to Stockwell LTNs were trial measures that would be continually reviewed, while the council considers feedback from those living or working nearby.

“The council has produced monitoring reports for both LTNs in line with our published strategy.

“The data has shown they have been effective in achieving the council’s aims.

“Now is the right time to lay the groundwork for a comprehensive consultation with residents, businesses and stakeholders so they can share their experiences which will help us to shape the future of both LTNs.”

The council introduced LTNS following central government guidance as an emergency measure during the Covid-19 crisis.

The motive to create more space for people to walk and cycle safely when public transport was constrained.

The council said it has used a detailed monitoring strategy to track the effectiveness of the trial schemes. It said data it generated shows both the Railton and Oval-Stockwell LTNs have led to a reduction in traffic across the entire area.

“Engagement activities” for local people will take place throughout the consultation. They will be asked to share their views through a survey.

The council said there will also be opportunities to present feedback in person and through targeted events and focus groups for people with specific needs.

LTNs are a key part of the council’s transport strategy to create a future transport network for the borough “that is healthier, more inclusive, accessible to all, and that responds to the climate emergency”.

Railton and Oval to Stockwell LTNs were established in June 2020 under temporary traffic orders and subsequently experimental traffic orders, allowing the schemes to be enforced, data collected and statutory consultation to take place.

The council has been monitoring both LTNs and receiving feedback – including publishing monitoring reports and holding online question and answer sessions.

Three other LTNs – in Tulse Hill, Streatham Hill and Ferndale – will follow the same public consultation process in coming months.

Cllr Hashi said: “The council understands that this can be a divisive issue for some people, but the best way to make your voice heard is to get involved with the Railton and Oval to Stockwell consultations ​and share your views.

“I would urge anyone living in these neighbourhoods to pre-register their participation as we look to launch the consultations next month.”

Pre-registration for the Railton and Oval to Stockwell consultations opens today to enable residents to be notified as soon as the proposals and survey go live.

People who register will also get invitations to any engagement events which happen during the consultation.


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