Royal Mail repeats objections to unpopular scrapyard plans

children and adult in street protest
Protest against the scrapyard in Windsor Grove

Royal Mail has repeated and updated its objections to a planning application for a large scrap metal yard in West Norwood that would have a serious impact on traffic in Brixton and other parts of Lambeth.

Lambeth council officers have recommended that the application be approved. It has attracted more than 2,500 comments on the council’s planning website, only four of them in favour.

Further recent objections to the application, which is due to be considered by Lambeth councillors on Tuesday (13 July) have come from the Herne Hill Society and a combination of the Norwood Action Group, the Norwood Forum, the Norwood Planning Assembly, and Station to Station, the busines improvement district covering West Norwood central shopping area.

A petition against the plan with almost 5,500 signatures has also been presented to the council.

The proposed site – a former small car-breaking site – is at the end of a narrow cul de sac, Windsor Grove, off West Norwood High Street.

The immediate area already has two large builders’ yards where deliveries by HGVs disrupt local traffic, including buses serving Brixton.

The proposed scrapyard would significantly increase lorry traffic in the area.

Royal Mail is concerned about the impact of the proposed development on access to one of its delivery offices which is right next to the disputed site.

It says both the construction and the operation of the site risk significant disruption to its operations and its ability to meet statutory and regulatory requirements.

Royal Mail says parking bays outside its depot could be used or blocked due to congestion, with a significant adverse impact on the ability of customers to access parcel services.

urban street
Windsor Grove looking towards its junction with West Norwood High Street

Royal Mail says that revisions to the application and additional information developed by the applicant and Lambeth council officers do not resolve these issues.

It says that the development would have an unacceptable impact on road safety and a severe impact on the local road network.

Royal Mail is further concerned about the potential risk of dust and noise from the facility having a negative effect on its staff.

Campaigners against the petition point out that there are two schools as well as homes immediately next to the site.

The application is by a property company, Urban & Provincial. It shares a director with Southwark Metals, which would operate the proposed scrapyard.

A linked application, also by Urban & Provincial, seeks approval to redevelop an existing waste disposal site on Shakespeare Road in Herne Hill by building more than 200 flats on it.

For this development to go ahead, Lambeth council must find replacement waste disposal capacity in the borough.

The Herne Hill Society, in its objection, says that the Windsor Grove site is much smaller than the Shakespeare Road one and would only process metals.

The Shakespeare Road site deals mainly with construction, demolition and excavation material that would have to be taken elsewhere.

metal reprocessing plant
Southwark Metals’ Millwall site

Southwark Metals has made it clear that the proposed West Norwood site would do work currently undertaken at a site near Millwall football ground.

The Herne Hill Society says “these two linked applications might satisfy the requirements of the landowner” but conflict with several Lambeth and London-wide planning policies.

The society wants both to be deferred and Lambeth council to seek log-term solutions to dealing with waste in co-operation with the Great London Authority and the Western Riverside Waste Authority (WRWA), the statutory body responsible for Lambeth waste, and other boroughs.

One neighbouring borough, Croydon, has repeated its opposition to the Windsor Grove applications despite tweaks to it by the applicant and Lambeth council officers.

The Herne Hill Society says the tweaks “gloss over” the full impact of the proposal on increased traffic in Lambeth.

It says documents in the application dealing with waste are “scarcely credible”.

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gates to derelict site by railway
The entry to the Windsor Road site