Holocaust Memorial Day in Lambeth

Writer Anna Blasiak will discuss the life and times of Holocaust survivor Lili Stern-Pohlmann in an online event on Monday (25 January) at 7pm organised by Lambeth libraries.

It is part of the borough’s commemoration of Holocaust Memorial Day, which takes place every year on 27 January.

Anna Blasiak is author of Lili – a book-length conversation with Lili Stern-Pohlmann and the story of her incredible childhood and survival as a Jewish girl during the Second World War in Lwów (Lemberg under German occupation, now Lviv in the Ukraine).

After the war Lili came to London in the first of three transports of Jewish children from Poland, on her 16th birthday. She still lives in London.

Blasiak’s book focuses on Lili’s childhood, wartime experiences, her arrival in London and the years shortly after the war.

These experiences are accompanied by historical commentaries, as well as more personal pieces from Blasiak, framing and contrasting Lili’s story and experiences with those of a different generation, growing up years after the war in Poland, a place where the vanished Jews left a painful, gaping hole. 

To join this discussion of Poland and the Holocaust through the eyes of one survivor sign up at Eventbrite.

Lambeth’s main Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) event this year will be on Sunday (24 January) at 300pm. The theme this year is “Be the light in the darkness”.

It is organised by the Lambeth Community HMD Planning Group.

“The times we’re living in show both the very best that humanity is capable of, but also denial, division and disinformation, conspiracy theories, and people who feel the fear of being helpless and insignificant,” the Faiths Together in Lambeth group said in a message for HMD.

“For the international community, there’s still the need to shine a light where people are persecuted and hold those responsible to account.

“All of us can be lights in the darkness and tackle prejudice, discrimination and intolerance wherever we encounter them.”

The group said Lambeth has a long tradition of honouring Holocaust Memorial Day.

To take part in the Lambeth HMD event, you can see the programme and book a place via Eventbrite, or join online directly.

Lambeth libraries are also promoting a new film for HMD featuring Helen Aronson BEM, who survived the nazi “liquidation” of Pabianice and Łódź ghettos in Poland.

Her father, Motush, carried out an incredible act of kindness and bravery, which ultimately cost him his life.

The film tells Helen’s life story and honours the memory of her father.