Brixton Village’s Hondo still a ‘micro-entity’

indoor market stalls
Brixton Village

Hondo Enterprises, sometimes seen as the owner of Brixton Village and Market Row, has published annual accounts showing that the company’s total assets amount to less than £50,000.

The accounts, for the 12 months ending 30 December 2019, show that the company continues to qualify as a “micro-entity”, allowing it to file brief and unaudited accounts.

Its total assets are £42,369 and US citizen Taylor McWilliams remains the sole director. Hondo Enterprises has one employee.

Another company of which McWilliams is the sole director, Hondo Asset Manager, has also filed accounts for the same period. Another micro-entity, it has four employees.

Its accounts show that McWilliams repaid a debt of £6,343 he owed to the company earlier this month, two days before its accounts were approved.

Hondo Asset Manager is owed £356,465 by Hondo Enterprises and £167,712 by Housekeeping Enterprises. Housekeeping is a four-person DJ collective of which McWilliams is a member.

The accounts say that both companies are controlled by McWilliams and that “these loans are advanced in the normal course of business and bear no charge to interest and have no fixed repayment dates.”

Brixton Village and Market Row, as well as the planned 20-storey office block development on Pope’s Road, are controlled by a group of Amsterdam-registered companies with directors from the New York based finance company Angelo Gordon.

Hondo has confirmed that it does not own the Pope’s Road site, but has refused to give any details about this anomaly to the Blog on the grounds that its ownership is “a private matter”, despite the proposed development threatening to change the entire character of Brixton.

The Angelo Gordon/Hondo combination also owns the site of the former Club 414 on Coldharbour Lane.


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