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Some things do not change. This consummate realist painter and screenprinter is a minor revelation as he continues his wayward odyssey. 

Martin Grover studied at Croydon College, Trent Polytechnic and the Royal Academy Schools, sometime in the last century. He works out of his studio in South London and exhibits continuously.

As an accomplished and inventive screen printer, he eschews photographic and digital techniques and hand paints his stencils directly onto the screen, creating richly coloured, densely layered prints. His procrastination series reveal sharp observation and a wry humour.

His other paintings, prints and bus stop sculptures are beautifully crafted from observation. He captures local cityscapes and parks in Brixton, West Norwood and beyond. Other haunting and melancholic compositions are based on anecdotes, poems and songs.

An important facet of his work is his portraits of vinyl records, informed by a life-long love of music and of collecting old 45s. The songs and artists may be the main attraction, but each painting lovingly reproduces the graphics, design, ageing, personalisation and ephemeral nature of the paper record sleeves themselves. Painted tromp l’oeil or dramatically enlarged, these works are poignant and nostalgic laments to a golden age that continues to resonate.

A series of personalised bus stops, ‘Life in the Bus Lane’ are realised as screen prints and sculptures. A slightly melancholic, sharply funny, snakes and ladders view of life laid out on an iconic London bus stop.