The Reggae Ticket: take a journey through jazz

Medya Gungor looks at a celebration of the influential reggae and ska label Trojan Records that was halted in its tracks by lockdown – fortunately, there’s plenty to see and hear online

jazz jamaica trojan story banner ad Leading talent development and award-winning musical education agency Tomorrow’s Warriors are regarded as the cultural giants for championing the UK youth’s jazz scene.

Since 1991, their mission has been to focus on increasing diversity and equal opportunities in the music industry through nurturing young talent and helping emerging jazz artists find their place.

While the organisation should be admired for growing a vibrant community of young artists, leaders and audiences, they ought to be praised further for their emphasis on supporting young musicians from BAME backgrounds, those facing financial difficulties and aspiring female musicians.

It is crucial that these minorities are recognised to allow them equal access and inclusion to all musical opportunities despite any challenging circumstances they may be facing.

people in record shop
Checking Trojan albums: Noel McKoy, Tomorrow’s Warriors founder Gary Crosby and Brinsley Forde with Dem Three, Cherise Adams-Burnett, Cara Crosby-Irons, and Kianja Harvey-Elliott

In true Brixton style, their outreach programme The Reggae Ticket launched last October in celebration of Black History Month, touring the UK alongside The Trojan Story, performed by the unmissable Jazz Jamaica All Stars with guests Brinsley Forde of Aswad and Noel McKoy.

The tour sought to educate children, local choirs and ensembles about the cultural history behind iconic label Trojan Records, famously known for its role in introducing reggae and other Jamaican music to a global audience.

The Trojan Story pays homage to the people who contributed to the record label’s heritage, one that combined Jamaican and British culture and whose defining roots resonate throughout diverse communities to this day.

In response to government regulations, The Reggae Ticket has been temporarily paused while The Trojan Story shows are being rescheduled but there is no reason for you not to embrace some Trojan lovin’ from isolation.

You can check out performances in Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham so far, learn to play reggae-style jazz, or suss out more of their fun-loving content to keep you busy while keeping your ears open for the latest rescheduled tour dates.

When it is safe again, The Reggae Ticket will be at London’s Royal Festival Hall to take us on a journey that transformed the British music scene … Watch for the date and see you there!