Play with your food, then eat your words

words made from food
SWEET by Julie Mauro, TYPE by Nathan Dye and EAT MY WORDS by Theo Stewart

Don’t play with your food – forget that. London-based type designer Sarah Hyndman’s latest lockdown challenge is to use the food you have in your home to create an edible alphabet.

“These challenges are designed to be a bit of fun and to document our time collectively spent in lockdown,” she says.

“Please share this creative challenge with your friends and post your final results on social media.”

To take part, think of a word you would like to spell out and work out how to make the letters.

“Will you arrange the food you’re about to eat or would you like to bake something from scratch?” asks Sarah.

“Don’t go out shopping to buy any extra ingredients – the challenge is to use what you can find in your kitchen.

“It would also be great to see any ‘making of’ photos if you bake or create the type yourself.”

Share your finished project on social media with #CreativeLockdownProject. Tag #TypeTasting. Sarah will share some of the results.

Sarah Hyndman
Sarah Hyndman

Sarah creates “Type Tasting” workshops, talks, meet-ups and events, but all paid work for the next few months has been cancelled, so she inviting anyone interested to you to join her for virtual events in return for a small donation

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