Let the children play and eat – donate

children in centreThe Loughborough Community Centre at Max Roach on Wiltshire Road in Brixton has suspended its community activities, but it provided 555 meals to 105 local children at Easter.

Now it is seeking to extend its Happy Lunch and Play project for the duration of Covid 19 isolation.

Max Roach LCC donation iconThe charity is seeking donations so that it can continue this vital work in the community, stressing the need for projects that support engagement and positive wellbeing for children and families in an already struggling community during these bleak times.

The centre puts community cohesion at the heart of its ethos. Established in 1981 by local residents, it exists for the benefit of the community around Max Roach park – in particular, those who may be affected by the effects of disadvantage.

Its regular activities include preschool, holiday play projects, and community services.

LCC centre exterior


  1. Fantastic organisation making a BIG difference to their community. Please get behind and show your support!

  2. Absolutely brilliant cause, which has such an impact in the community! Donate and show your support for Max Roach and all that they do! A BIG THANK YOU! #STAYSAFE

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