Atlantic Road scaffolding there until Christmas

The forest of scaffolding on Atlantic Road that holds up the overground station platform above it is likely to be in place until the end of the year.

Representatives of Network Rail, tenants of the Arch Company that now own the arches, the Brixton Business Improvement District and Lambeth council met recently to review the situation. Current Network Rail planning revolves around a completion date of December this year for work on the platform.

The meeting also discussed compensation arrangements for tenants whose businesses are affected by the work.

A spokesperson for the Arch Company said: “We are continuing to work closely with our tenants and to make representations on their behalf to Network Rail.

“We held a joint meeting with Network Rail, all tenants impacted by the station platform works and key local contacts.

“During the meeting Network Rail outlined their proposed timetable for completion of the work and the steps that they will be taking to compensate tenants whose businesses have been affected.

“We continue to advocate for our tenants and support their businesses during this work.”